The vision of Telematics Trust is for technology to transform lives through education and training for the cultural, social and economic benefit of Victorians.


• support our vision by demonstrating innovative use of technology through education and training.
• demonstrate the innovative use of technology through education and learning which aim to measurably improve the well-being of the community and environment
• provide unique funding opportunities to individuals, Educational Institutions, Government, Business, social enterprises and Not-for-Profit organisations
• use technology to reach diverse groups and address important practical problems
in our community and environment.

In pursuit of this mission, Telematics Trust targets initiatives that:

• deserve special distinction
• would be assisted by seeding grants
• are not generally within the province of other funding bodies

The Trust provides unique funding opportunities to individuals, Educational Institutes, Government, Business, social enterprises and Not-for-Profit organisations.


Opening: 9am Monday 5 March
Closing: 5pm Friday 30 March


Telematics Trust Year In Review 2016

 TELE 2016 Annual Review Cover

The Telematics Trust is pleased to share its 2016 Year in Review. We hope this will provide applicants with examples of projects supported by the Trust and also demonstrate achievements made through some of our grants. Please click on the image to download a copy. In recognition of the Trust's 30 Year aniversary the trust has redesigned the annual review and offered stories of impact from past applicants.If you are a previous grant recipient and would like to share your achievements with the Trust, please feel free to contact us.

Application & Reporting Process

Grant Conditions

All grantees must adhere to the Grant Conditions should they be successful in receiving a grant from the Telematics Trust

Reporting Process

All grants received from the Telematics Trust must be acquitted within three months of the project ending or twelve months after the funding was received, whichever occurs soonest. If the project extends beyond twelve months, ongoing six-monthly progress reports are required until the completion of the project.

Progress report template

Final report and financial acquittal template

Application Process

The Telematics Trust aims to create a more level playing field by providing support to projects that educate and empower people from diverse backgrounds to learn new things and build their capacity to contribute to society.

Grant Guidelines

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government
  • Business
  • Non-profit organisations

Read more: Application & Reporting Process


Important Information for Referees

If you have been asked to be a Referee by an applicant you must ensure that you are both qualified to give an opinion and that you do not have any conflict of interest.

Referees May Not:

  • Be directly involved in the project
  • Be affiliated with or employed by the applicant organisation
  • Be related to individuals directly involved in the project
  • Benefit financially from project or from providing their report
  • Be directly involved with the Telematics Trust as an Advisory Committee Member, Trustee or any other member of the Secretariat.

Read more: Referees